Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm alive!

No, I haven't fallen off a bridge or been swept out to sea.  Just busy!

Here's how I've spent my writing time the past couple of months:

-revising Don't Fall Down
-querying Ex-Drama Queen
-NaNoWriMo-ing a new WIP (Just for the record, I've done NaNo since 2006 and never won.  Why do I torture myself every November?  I love getting a headstart into a new manuscript.  And the writing camaraderie   Because you can't beat having a gazillion other people toiling under the same madness at one time.)
-beta reading and critiquing
-waking up at 5 am a few times a week to squeeze in some writing time (yes, this is painful)
-entering contests

And about the entering contests thing, I got into Baker's Dozen with Don't Fall Down!  Talk about a surprise.  There were 280+ MG and YA entries, and by some magic/luck/deity's blessing, my little skating manuscript made it in.

The entries go live on Friday.  I'll be number 34.  So, of course I'm all EXCITED.  And nervous. So nervous.  I'm looking forward to the critiques and (hopefully!) a request.  I can't wait to read all the other entries.  It's a good thing Husband's working Friday night because I'll be neck deep in Baker's Dozen Goodness.