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  1. Hi, Gail, Krista Van Dolzer suggested I look you up when I mentioned that there weren't many networking opportunities for YA in Louisville, at least I haven't found them. I'm @SherLHoward and have a baby blog I'm looking forward to exploring your site and getting to know more about your writing. FYI, I live in Shelbyville Road area of Louisville. I'd love to stay in touch. Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry!! There are some things going on here (and nearby). I found you on Twitter. Follow me back & I'll message you some info. :)

  2. Sorry, I just messaged you on Twitter. Somehow I missed this response earlier. I've been doing an Iowa University MOOC and have had my head buried for a month! Tonight I was polishing up my pages for Krista and reread her email telling me to look you up. I didn't realize you were a PW mentor. How'd that go for you?