Tuesday, August 28, 2012

About Me and blah blah blah

While I'm trying to figure out all the nifty things I can do to fix this blog up, I'll talk about myself.  Because I'm the most interesting woman in the world.  Haha.   

Anyhow....I'm thirtysomething, married, have a sweet baby girl (who will be one year old in just a few weeks!), and have a houseful of cats.

When I'm not writing, I'm working at a non-profit, playing with my daughter, pretending to garden (as in, I plant a lot of stuff but get too lazy to weed or water very often), figure skating, hiking, traveling (when the $ allows), watching tv or movies with the husband, letting the husband drag me to social events (I married an extrovert...which is good, or I'd be a crazy cat lady who stayed home all the time watching Hoarders), and doing all that boring housework that never seems to be finished.

I write upper middle grade contemporary fiction.  I have one shelved novel, one complete novel I need to resume querying on, one novel in revisions, and one I need to begin outlining.  The three books I've written have all been pantsed, NaNoWriMo-style.  I have big plans for turning myself into a plotter for the next WIP...we'll see how that goes. ;)

One day I'd love to try my hand at contemporary YA and at either MG or YA historical fiction.  YA scares me a bit because of all the sexybits, and historical scares me because I have a masters in US history and I know exactly how much research I'd make myself do before started writing.  And properly cited footnotes.  Yeah, I'd have to get over that.  One day.


  1. Well nice to officially meet you.
    Please don't let the blog die. ;)