Friday, September 21, 2012

Color me embarrassed...

So you know how in my last blog post, I was all, "Wah, nobody follows me!"

Yeah.  That's because I didn't have a follow button on my blog. (Thanks to @akossket on Twitter, who let me in on that fact!)  Am a total noob.

<-----------Over there, somewhere on the left, is a follow button now.  Yay!  I also added a twitter stream, so I'm feeling pretty up on the blog design thing.

One day soon, I'll add a picture or something really exciting like that.

(I know you're all jealous of my blog design skillz.)


  1. You're welcome and it gets better. :)
    There is another option for people who don't feel comfortable signing up with their email.
    You know the same place where you found the "follow by email" gadget? You can also add the "follower" gadget. That one will allow anyone with a blogger account to follow you.

    1. Thank you:) I think I added it. It looks like the same thing you have on your blog, anyway. Do you know what Google Friend Connect is? I usually follow Blogger blogs by copying & pasting the URL into my subscriptions list.